The Partner

The Partner could perhaps best be described as a "Talent Ecosystem", born out of an experience that involves you, as Client, as Candidate, or even as a Colleague. Because that is what it means to be our PARTNER - to know that we are there by your side, lending our support so as to achieve a shared goal.

Our work is our passion; your needs, our inspiration

At The Partner we stand out for our ability to innovate and create, to propose original approaches when recruiting complex profiles.

We stand out for the Honesty, Transparency and Authenticity with which we work, thanks to a highly motivated team who truly believe in what they do.

The partner listens to you, because you really matter

We are grateful for your trust, for letting us show you how we work and how much we love doing our job, joining forces with you, with your mission, your goals, your desires, and even the difficulties that we overcome together to achieve shared success.

The Partner is about all of us It is the person who makes the professional, and it is our human side that puts the heart and soul into everything we do for you… Which is what makes us Headhunters surrounded by “Hearthunters”.


Authenticity and Commitment

We truly believe that we always give of our best, both professionally and personally. Our approach is based on objectivity and honest judgment, delivering realities rather than promises.


We are always there when our Clients and Candidates need us, ensuring that their expectations are fulfilled, and offering them the support they need to continue advancing towards their goals. Day by day we forge stable relationships built on trust, honesty and respect.


A cheery smile is our best ally in achieving serious goals, and is at the heart of the close and easy-going relationship we have with our colleagues. And we always enjoy a good laugh as we share our successes.


We are lucky enough to do a job that never feels like a chore. It is a joy to work with Clients and Candidates that offer us so much, that we can learn so much from, and who give us the opportunity to do what we do. A successful Ecosystem, without a shadow of a doubt.

Freshness and Creativity

We always offer distinctive and innovative solutions, and our results speak for themselves.


Founding Partner

Teresa Pareja

Founding Partner of The Partner, bringing to the table over 20 years of experience in the Executive Search sector, acquired at multinationals such as Amrop International, Heidrick & Struggles, Seeliger and Conde. She was actively involved as a partner in the development of Bayll, and was a Founding Partner at Lauté Consulting.

She specialises in Search, Evaluation and Executive Profile Mapping projects at both international and national companies, focusing in particular on family firms. Her expertise covers sectors such as Hypermarkets, Leisure and Hotels, Digital, Luxury Goods, Charities and NGOs, Real Estate, Services (Strategic, Human Resources and Training Consultancy), as well as IT/Telecoms.

She has lived in both Peru and Spain, where she studied Marketing at ESIC and IEES, as well as the Advanced Women and Leadership Programme at ALITER. English is a regular working language for Teresa. She is involved in Executive Consultancy, Career Transition and Individual Professional Assessment projects, and is a contributing member of a number of charities, including the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Pequeño Deseo and AMREF.

Teresa Pareja
Ana Navarro
Senior Consultant

Ana Navarro

Ana has a wealth of experience in the field of Talent Management/Selection and Career Management at companies such as Right Management (Manpower Group) and Lauté Consulting, having played an active role as Senior Consultant in both Direct Search and Salary and Talent Mapping projects.

She previously spent over 7 years working at the construction firm Dragados, where she held positions in the Financial and Administration areas.

Ana is used to working with a wide range of profiles, nationalities and numerous different organisations in sectors such as Banking, Retail, Hypermarkets, Hotels & Tourism, Professional Services and Construction.

The projects she works on include Executive Advice, Career Transition and Individual Professional Assessment.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from UCLM, and a Master's in HR Administration and Management from CEF/UDIMA in Madrid.

English is a regular working language for Ana.

Our services

What we offer

At The Partner we mould ourselves to our clients, with a direct, personal approach that allows us to understand what they need at any given time. Our flexibility and ability to adapt offer added value when accompanying our clients in the processes of growth or change that their organisations go through.

Executive search

SWe specialise in Direct Searches for the Executives, Middle Managers and qualified professionals needed to fill strategic positions. An in-depth understanding of our clients, both their sphere of business and their organisational culture and structure, serves as the starting point. We then identify and evaluate those candidates that best fulfil the requested technical specifications, placing a particular focus on the personal side, which is critical in ensuring a perfect match between the organisation and the candidate. While maintaining constant and frank communication with both parties throughout.

Talent mapping

It is vital for a company to have an overview of the position of the job market before reaching strategic decisions. This is why we draw up studies to supplement a firm's understanding of its sector, of the competition or identification of talent, helping it to reach key decisions for its positioning and future within its field.

Salary mapping

We understand that a company's salary policy is a fundamental element in retaining and attracting talent in the job market. And so we produce Salary Studies of benchmark companies or sectors for our clients, providing them with all the information they need to establish an overview of their positioning as regards the rest of the market, so that they can make the right decisions in terms of salary bands, incentives policies and other employee benefits that will help them to retain and attract the very best professionals.

Candidate evaluation

Selection processes cost companies a great deal of effort and considerable time investment. Sometimes what you need is an objective, outside view to match your perception against, so as to reach the right decision when promoting an internal candidate or bringing in new talent. Which is where our Candidate Evaluations of pre-selected individuals or possible internal candidates come to the fore.

Assessment/Management Audit

An Assessment provides companies with all the information they need about a candidate's capacity, psychology, values and motivations. All of which is crucial information when reaching decisions both in selection processes and in reorganisation and growth strategies, or when drawing up career plans.

Support (client and candidate)

We know how important people are, and so in all our processes we place a particular emphasis on caring for both our clients and our candidates. "Executive loneliness" can apply to both clients and candidates. And it can occur at crucial or critical times both in their career development and in the responsibilities that they take on at their respective companies. Which is why we offer coaching sessions to help them successfully overcome such situations.


At The Partner we have the capacity and awareness to adapt to the complexities and requirements of any organisation. This is why we enjoy the trust of a broad spectrum of clients, including multinational, national and local businesses, as well as family firms at key stages in their development.

  • Digital
  • Luxury Goods
  • Services & Hospitality, Health / Medicine
  • Pharma & Biotech
  • Professional Services - Consultancy
  • Real Estate & Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Entertainment
  • IT, Telecom (TICs)
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Non-profit Sector (Charities and NGOs)

We cover all operational areas, dealing with Management Committee positions, critical/strategic roles and newly created positions.


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